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We have known Sophie Fois for many years and it has been a sheer delight to see her art grow and grow, from her early pastel portrait of our own dog ‘Blue’ who we sadly lost last year, but he is forever with us thanks to Sophie, we have bought other works from Sophie and for my husbands retirement from working at the stables in Turville-he received a wonderful one off piece of art showing him at work around the yard.

We have also recently commissioned a new piece for a gift, we are in awe of this recently delivered work of art and are sure that the recipient will be absolutely enchanted when received.

Jane and Kenny Wakeman


“WOW.  Words cannot describe how amazing Sophie’s work is - no photo will ever do it justice.  You really do have to see it in real life to believe it.  For me, it started with a commission of our two miniature schnauzer dogs, Sophie and Eilidh, for my husband.  We were so excited to see the framed piece and could not be happier.  My husband was showing everyone photos of the commission - he was so happy with it.  I was so happy that I then requested a commission of my horse.  Again, WOW.  In both cases, because I am lucky to live close by, Sophie was able to visit and take her own photos.  They were lovely photos but how she then went on to produce SUCH amazing commissions from those photos, I cannot imagine.  Her eye for detail is second to none - I genuinely don’t know how she does it.  She also managed to capture their personalities perfectly. Oh, and she’s a lovely person too.  So easy to deal with and made the whole process such a pleasant experience.  Thank you, Sophie.”  

Sharon Richards


'I waited for a few years to get my portrait of Vinnie. Many others could have drawn him, but I think no one other than Sophie could have captured my Heart Dog the way she did. His eyes follow you wherever you are in the room. Within those windows, his sole is stored.

Sophie you have a very special gift that is your art... Thank you forever Sally.'


Sally Reeve


'I found Sophie's work after I saw a friends portrait of her dog. I couldn't get over how well she had captured the dogs likeness and character so well in a painting! I commissioned Sophie to do a portrait of my mums old hunter. I was over the moon when the package arrived and when I opened it the likeness is uncanny and you can see instantly that it's him. I'm saving up for the next commission for myself! .'


Frankie Robins


'Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing pastel you did of Rocket. My husband was thrilled at how you had not only caught Rocket's likeness but his personality as well! It has been decreed as 'the best Christmas present ever' (quite something for someone as discerning about his dog as Hugo!) so thank you very much. It will be hanging in pride of place at home.'


Ally Mahoney


I just want to say again how amazing the painting of Jimmy & Snoopy is. So many artists want to meet the horses beforehand which was going to be difficult as my horses are not at the same stables but I have to say you helped me get the right shots and captured every bit of detail from the photos. I am amazed at how real the painting looks. Thank You again. Highly recommended.


Rachel Judd


'Sophie did a lovely pencil sketch for my mother's Christmas present. We had recently lost her horse just before Christmas so it was even more special. Sophie captured his character and expression as if it was a photograph. The attention to detail and simplicity of the sketch is beautiful. It's a great memory and sits proudly on the mantel piece.'


Charlotte Ryan


Earlier this year, I received two artworks from Sophie.  I had commissioned Sophie to draw for me two Pangolins from photos I had sent to her.  I was giving one to a friend in Zimbabwe to celebrate her work with all wild animals but Pangolin in particular and of course, being passionate about them myself I also wanted one to keep. 

When they arrived, I already knew which one was mine so opened it and was so very very happy with seeing it in person though I had already received photos of both.  Opening this treasure was such a moment for me , that I decided not to open my other gift but to let them have that moment for themselves.  I saw this gift off to the framers in Harare then hung on the wall on my last visit and I know it brought immense pleasure to them and to have it in their home and see it constantly not only brings a smile just to see a Pangolin that was hand raised then released back to the wild, and also to own such an artwork is unbelievable.  Every time I see a new piece finished, it makes me gasp as the drawings are so lifelike and they show such a talent in the detail but also the animal's personality. 

Sophie is just so unique that words are not enough but I am so lucky to own one of her artworks and mine is in my bedroom and the first thing I see in the morning and last thing I see at night, is another Pangolin and being from a photo I took, it is a memory I will never forget.  I do not remember how Sophie Fois came to be on my Facebook Page, but I am beyond grateful she did and now am in line for another order.  The hardest thing will be to choose an animal, but I know whatever I choose, I will be totally delighted with my newest artwork from Sophie!  Everyone should be lucky enough to have their animals, domestic or wild, in a Sophie Fois artwork!


Kaye Nicholson



'Sophie is an artist that literally takes my breath away, whenever I see one of her animal portraits. I was absolutely astounded when I was given a Christmas present by my husband of a portrait by Sophie of any of my animals. I chose a picture of my Icelandic Horse ‘Frodi’. He is a special horse and I am so lucky that he is mine. He has this amazing fluffy forelock which is a big part of his character. Sophie did an amazing job of his portrait, and I am blown away every time I look at it on my wall. The way she captured the texture and colour of his mane and forelock and his expression, just has to be seen. To say that it is lifelike is an understatement. I then asked Sophie if she could put me on her waiting list for a portrait of my dog ‘Oz’. He is my dog of a lifetime and I chose a picture that summed up to me his very special aura and expression. It took Sophie over a year to start Oz’s portrait, and in that time I unfortunately lost Oz at nearly 13 years of age. I remember how emotional it was for me seeing how Sophie had captured everything about him. His portrait means the world to me and I get great comfort in seeing him looking down at me every day. Thank you, Sophie, for sharing your amazing talent with us.'

Debbie Newell


I've been following Sophie Fois on Facebook and Instagram ever since I happened upon a FB post of a "friend" of a "friend" a couple of years ago. I was immediately drawn to her art and story, as she worked through her university experience. With every new post, I couldn't wait to see her next project. I was stunned when I saw one of her pastels of a dog, and I knew I had to have her create a portrait of our dog. We rescued Lola (or did she rescue us) four years ago. She is my husband's little angel, and I wanted to give him a very special Christmas/birthday gift last year. I contacted Sophie through Messenger and the rest is history. I couldn't have had a more pleasing, or satisfying experience than working with Sophie to create one of my husbands most prized possessions. Sophie not only captured Lola's physical likeness beyond compare, she had the uncanny ability to bring out Lola's unique spirit, using only the photograph I sent to her as her reference. It was my first time ever to order anything internationally, and Sophie's responsiveness and professionalism was unsurpassed. Sophie made sure the portrait was packaged appropriately to arrive safely, and on schedule. Needless to say, we are very proud to own a Sophie Fois original. We are huge fans. 


Charles and Barbara Marshall
Sacramento, CA USA


'I used Sophie for two pieces. One of my dogs in pastel and one of my mother in laws home in watercolour. To say we were happy is an understatment. I've reccomended Sophie to many people and will continue to do so. She is simply amazing and so talented. I will be getting more!'


Dawn Chaplin


I had wanted one of my animals drawn but could never decide which one or by whom.  Then my daughter got her first horse and I decided that this was the one to get done. I had had the opportunity to visit Sophie’s studio and was blown away by her work and her drawings all types of animals. I put my name down on the list and waited, quite happily, because I knew the wait was worth it.  

At the beginning of the year I was contacted by Sophie as she was ready to start our commission and to send pictures through.  When the piece was finished I was sent through photographs of the picture and it looked amazing. I decided to get it framed locally to me and once it was collected I didn’t open it until I was at the framers.   Well ... me and the framer were  just stunned at how incredible the work was in real life. . He said that he had seen others but that this was outstanding and the artist was truly talented (I already knew this!) in fact as it was so good he got out his best framing wood, which he only offers for extra special pieces!!  

Everyone who has seen this commission has commented on how life like it is and how talented Sophie is.  I have already put my name down on her list for another commission of my daughter on her horse for next year !  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sophie she is truly gifted 😊


Diane Whitehead


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