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Thank you for taking an interest in my artwork.

At this time, I'm afraid my waiting list for commissions is closed. The list is long and I am shortly taking time off to have my baby who is due early January.  I will be keen to resume my art as soon as baby allows!


If you are interested in waiting for something in the upcoming two/three years, please keep an eye on my website and social media or subscribe to my e-mail list where I will post when my books re-open. 

As an idea, my prices start from £ 600 for a 10"x12" pastel portrait and then the price increases with size and number of subjects.

For any other enquiries please email me.

 I will endeavour to keep up with e-mails but sorry if there is a delay in getting back to you...I may be otherwise engaged. 👶

For those who are already on my list, I thank you for your patience!  
If you already have some photo references in mind, please make sure that the photo/photos are of a high quality in order for me to do the piece justice.  

I reserve the right turn down anything I do not deem suitable so if it is of a pet that has passed, please send me the photo so I can let you know in advance if this is something I can work with.  If you don’t have photos as yet it may be worth taking some in the meantime to capture ‘the look’ when your horse/dog/pet has a good coat and the conditions are favourable.

When you get towards the top of my list, I will contact you for the next step. Once we have agreed on the photo and size, I will send you an agreement to sign and return, at which point a £50% deposit is required. This deposit is non-refundable unless an unlikely event prevents me from doing your piece. The balance will be due on completion. 

Thank you all again so much for your interest and support.

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Photography Tips

  • Photos should be in focus at a high resolution. When zoomed in its ideal that I should be able to see individual hairs or details in the eyes.

  • Photos should be taken in natural lighting. Avoid using the flash or artificial lighting and taking photos where shadows may be cast on the subject. If it is a sunny day, avoid having the sun behind your subject. Bright but overcast days are ideal.

  • Photos should be taken at eye level with your pet, around a body length away from them. If the photo is too close this can warp their features which does not always translate well into a portrait. Also make sure you try and include the whole head/chest/body of your subject. I can always crop down the photo if need be.

  • Most importantly! Capture that expression that you love about your animal the most. Whether its their mouth open and smiling after a walk, or the soft gentle expression they give you when having cuddles in in the garden. The eyes are the windows to their soul so make sure they are clearly visable.

Further tips for horse photos!

  • To avoid having a false sense of perspective, ensure you are not too close to their face/nose when taking photos.

  • Avoid taking photos over stable doors in the stable if possible. Having your horse slightly turning their head can make a great pose.

  • Consider whether you like your horse unbridled/bridled/in a nice headcollar? This can sometimes make a nice detail.

  • Taking photos of horses is usually a two person job! Try having a helper shake a feed bucket from a distance or walk another horse to a field to capture that alert expression from your horse.

If you are unsure on the quality and standard of your photos don't worry, please feel free to send as many as you like in their original file size and format and I will take a look and give guidance if need be.

Please then send them to as an attachment or send to this email via If you would prefer to post a memory stick please send to: Orchard Cottage, Turville , Nr Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 6QU, ENGLAND

Ultimately the decision is yours on what pose/expression you want from your animal as you know that certain personality they have and what portrays them best!

Here are some good examples:

DSC_1056 - 2.jpg
DSC_1253 2.jpg
DSC_0315 2.jpg


I retain the copyright to all works commissioned by the client. No artwork may be reproduced or altered without my written consent. I will not produce prints of your artwork to be sold, however they may be used for display or promotional purposes.
Packaging and Shipping:

Mounted pieces that are to be posted will be carefully packaged and posted next day tracked and signed delivery. Postage, package and handling starts from £15 for UK. Please enquire for overseas shipping.
Full payment must be paid before I ship the artwork. I will provide the client with tracking details.

Payment of import duty may be liable in some countries, which is the sole responsibility of the client.

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